Silver Stag Slab Series Gut Slab Knife D2 Steel

D2 is a air hardening, high carbon, high chromium tool steel with extremely high wear resistance. The high chromium content provides good corrosion resistance but, like a fine gun it needs to be properly taken care of. Heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness of 60. Anyone whom has used D2 in the field raves about it's cutting ability, durability and edge holding properties. Elk or Moose scale slabs are cut, polished and pinned through the blade tang. This is a hard core working/hunting fixed blade knife that will stand up to heavy use. 100% American Made in the Pacific Northwest these knives are guaranteed for life and also have a unique and free resharpening/refurbishing program. You send the knife in and they will resharpen the blade, clean it up and re coat the handles. Includes a high quality leather pouch sheath. Shipping is on us.

Silver Stag  Slab Series Gut Slab Knife D2 Steel
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